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  Non-woven Fabric Car bras are specially designed detachable covers that are installed on the hood to protect it from scratches. They are made of different materials that are thick enough to protect the grill and the hood from flying stones that get kicked off the road, splattered bugs and falling debris that can cause damage to the front of the car. Car bras even help to protect and retain the car's finish in the long run and keep the car looking as good as new.

  Apart from the safety aspect, a car bra also enhances the exterior appearance of the car giving it a sporty look. It also helps in retaining the value of the car, especially during trade-offs or when selling the car you can get better price because the car bra helped to maintain the finish of the car.

  Available in different colors, car bras are easy to replace and do not interfere with the actual working of the hood. They can be attached with the hooks along the car grill, bumper and front fenders. Some car bras are also made from magnetized material that enables the bra to stick firmly on the metal car hood.

  There is also a custom car bra to fit your style and fashion taste. You can choose your color-either a solid or a combination of different colors. You can even provide an elegant look on your car with a sleek black car bra.

  Attaching car bras is easy. In many models, the bra comes with simple hooks that make it possible and convenient to secure the bra along the car grill and bumper, and under the front fenders. There is also magnetized material which sticks to the metal of the car hood and grill, thereby, securing the bra from its proper place.

  All bras for cars are removable for cleaning and replacement. The attaching and detaching of a car bra is easy. However, it requires few things for its care. For example, it is advisable never leave the bra on the front end when it is wet.

  Gold Sheet Mask Observe the seams of the car bras. The seams are the first to show damage. You can use soft felt squares on any edge where there are seams touching the metal. Routine driving can cause the chassis to flex and cause substantial bra rubbing on the hood.

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